Seckond Chaynce – Walking Dead Lyrics

I pledge allegiance, to the flag
Of the United States of America
And to the Republic
For which it stands
One nation, under God
Indivisible, with liberty and justice for all

No coffins here, this is the land of the walking dead
Blood-thirsty Zombies here
Welcome to the land of the walking dead
Watch where you’re marching here
This is the land of the walking dead
Come H.A.R.D. be all prepared
Living in the land of the walking dead

Millions of mindless minds marching this minions
many men and women are dying to dine upon the flesh of the spineless swine
Swimming in sickenin’ Salmonella combined with slime
For this time, I was designed to rhyme
And make musical medicine before time decline
99 percent of the nation is blind
So I’m insisting on issuing insulin
So rise and grind
Gotta be ready for battle, we’re bussin’ the cap in the enemy
Yes, it is on
They ain’t gon’ like us and strike us
Put us in prison, be militant home
Ready your weapon, the sword or machete
Whatever you got, better bring it on
As arm a-gettin’ approachin’
Let’s get it on


America the beautiful, the land of the brave
But America’s the biggest terrorist of our day
With slave trade in the 1800’s
To late-late
How they trade and take from the countries
That they know can’t pay
Now holy Chizzle
That’s some Shizzle you can’t say
Cuz if they hear you
They gon’ kill you with the A.K
All that conspiracy theory stuff doesn’t play play
Better keep your mouth closed, ‘fore they spray spray
But I don’t even care no mo’
If they kill me, the C.H.E. please take Caribou
What’s happening to our country
I think it’s terrible
But this ain’t nothing new
Watch the ending is bout to terror flow
Native American genocide
Many died here
The school system is Jimmy Tide
Many lies here
When I asked the Father
To hear me cries, give me eyes clear
I took a look at the nation
And I realized we’re in the land…

Hook x2


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