Ray Scott – Guitar For Sale Lyrics

Guitar for sale
Fairly good shape
Made out in Sonoma, California
Early ’68
A chip in the headstock
A crack in the spruce top
But no major damage as far as I can tell
Guitar for sale

It’s been around the world
Seen all fifty states
Yeah, this old thing can talk I’m pretty sure
It’d have a lot to say
It’s been right here beside me
While I lived out my dreams
Yeah but I think it’s about time I bid an old friend farewell
Guitar for sale

Yeah and I’d have never found my reason for living
Without this old guitar
But I won’t let what brought us together
Tear us apart, no I won’t

‘Cause she misses my kisses
She hates when I’m gone
And she sacrificed many a night
In this house alone
And, oh, who am I kidding
What more do I need
Than the love of this sweet little angel
Lying next to me

Yeah, to hold her is heaven
And to lose her’d be hell
Guitar for sale
Guitar for sale


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