Syn Cole – Follow Me Lyrics

Stepping out at the lights All alone, stuck inside The only way you need to find Is the only one you’ve never tried Leave it all behind until you can’t remember Come along, I’ll show you how If you follow me ’til we are one I will follow you ‘Til the darkness fades into the … Read more

Minogue, Dannii – So Under Pressure Lyrics

I’m So Under Pressure pressure, pressure, pressure, pressure Trippin’ on intensity I’m weighed down by gravity And I’m waitin’ to exhale I’m So Under Pressure pressure, pressure, pressure, pressure Slippin’ down and back again When I want the pain to end And I’m sinkin’ in quick sand I’m So Under Pressure yeah yeah, yeah yeah … Read more

Denzel Curry – SPEEDBOAT (J Rick Remix) Lyrics

Denzel Curry: Jesus, please deliver us from evil Please pray over all my people What you see in life’s illegal I don’t wanna use my Big talk, speedboat Speedboat Pray to God I don’t get repoed Repoed Didn’t go to college for a free throw Swish People gettin’ killed through the peephole Blah Have your … Read more

Conan Gray – Antics Lyrics

We laughed away the foggy days that bottled in our past I see the scars heal over once again Ain’t it funny how your voice just floods my brain? And I forget the baddest things from yesterday, no yesterday Cause when you tell me that you’re sorry I combust into the air The words float … Read more

Fifth Harmony – No Way Lyrics

I know you don’t want me anymore by the look on your face They say when it rains it pours, you can tell by my face Oh and I know, and you know that we’ve been here before I think I know how it should end We got an audience calling us crazy We ignore … Read more