Origin – Manimal Instincts Lyrics

You are helpless to me, hunting my prey, smelling my blood
I am hungry you see, nothing to eat, stomach empty
Your poor victim to be, take your clothes off, give yourself up
I am physically stronger than you, what can you do?

You’re my prey, my next kill, put you inside of me, time to feed
Hung and bled, stripped and ripped, start to eviscerate
Man of beast, beast of man
Quench me of my hunger, satiate my thirst
One more bite of flesh, just one more drop of blood

You are dead, used up, rot in the ground for me
You are dead, used up, you are dead
Devoured your blood, sipped it real slow, lived all it’s pain
Tasted so good, when it ran fresh, straight from the wounds
Pouring out the red, thick, rich and warm, into my mouth
Blood has gone bad, when it runs black, I drink of it’s death

Manimal of mankind, ancient lycanthrope
Feeding on the blood of man and his mortal flesh
Territorial beast, born to kill and feed
Awaken from sleep, bring forth your wretched horror
Eyes gaze deep into yours, frozen in fear, shitting your pants
I have instincts to feed, ardors to treat, sweetness to taste
Tongue swells, oozing with spit, gritting my teeth, ready to bite

Earth’s blood wolf comes for you, there’s nothing you can do
Death’s waiting here for you inside my sturdy ribcage
Fangs dig in deep, pierce your flesh, bleeding bestial atrocity
Claws grasp your pain, squeeze your life
Gasping, spitting out a pool of blood
Jaws locked on tight, crushing bone, screaming, animal ferocity
Strength to kill man, feeding on man bleeding, manly inhumanitans


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