Kris Kristofferson – Mama Stewart Lyrics

It was kinda hard believing
Mama Stewart couldn’t see me then
Or even that her age was ninety four
‘Cause the years that took her sight away
Had given her the right to say
What she believed, and she did, praise the Lord

And the things she said reminded me
Of things I’d grown too blind to see
And feelings that I’d hidden deep inside
And when she said goodbye and kissed me
I was thankful she couldn’t see
The sudden tears I couldn’t hide

Everything is beautiful in Mama Stewart’s eyes
Another shining reason to believe
Everything is new and full of wonder and surprise
Inside the world that Mama Stewart sees

She rode the covered wagons west
When she was only seven
But she came to California on a plane
She said at ninety four she thought for sure
She’d got too close to heaven
And like as not was going all the way

But the miracle of medicine
And good old time religion
Removed the veil of darkness from her eyes
They said she praised the Lord
And thanked the doctor
And didn’t even seem at all surprised

Repeat Chorus

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