Ian, Janis – The Last Train Lyrics

How long, how long has this train been gone?
Was there a man who asked for me?
I thought he’d wait to say so long
I’m later than I meant to be

The station master closed his eyes
Said – my dear, the trains are gone
Though forty years ago this night
The last train left for Viet Nam

She said – my hair is lit with gray
No roses bloom upon my lips
But seems like only yesterday
He graced me with a lover’s kiss

Then in the distance, thunder pealed
A whistle pierced the cricket’s song
And you could see the sparks and the wheels
Of the last train back from Viet Nam

It stopped just long enough to board
And as she ran, time set her free
A young man helped her through the door
And said – I knew you would wait for me

There’s many a young boy who won’t come back
Many a young girl who waits alone
Sometimes they meet on life’s long track
They board that last train and go home


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