Alain Souchon – Cosy Corner Lyrics

Toujours le même air sous le soleil C’est la même chanson, c’est pareil Sur le velours XVIème Ou sur l’acrylique H.L.M C’est toujours le même air Dans le cosy-corner Au début je connais le scénario On s’regarde pas mais on se trouve beau Moi je suis Bogart Caché, dur, derrière mes cartes Elle, c’est l’Ange … Read more

Médine – Reboot Lyrics

« Vous avez rencontré un artiste du Havre, très connu sur les réseaux sociaux, il a utilisé énormément Twitter, il s’appelle Médine, il est rappeur et il a mis en ligne début janvier un morceau polémique sur la laïcité qui n’a pas très bien été compris… » « Il a débuté dans la carrière par … Read more

Andre Nickatina – Pick-Cha Lyrics

(Long live the King) Yo picture God a perfect cut diamond Or bein the motha fucka man without even tryin Livin like I’m dead to the world with tickets yo and refferals My hair is in a perm so I can never have a curl Man it’s a bluebird on my shoulder can I kill … Read more

Velasquez, Jaci – The First Noel Lyrics

The First Noel The angels did say Was to certain Poor shepherds In fields as they lay In fields where they may Keeping their sheep On a cold winter’s night That was so deep Noel, Noel, Noel, Noel Born Is the King of Israel They looked up And saw a star Shining in the East … Read more

Smith, Will – 1,000 Kisses Lyrics

[Will] Uh Ha ha Yeah yeah yeah yeah Uh Ha ha Yo yo Uh Who A one two a one two [Will] I-I-I-I woke up this morning Looked at ya picture Think about when I’m a get with you Hit ya on the two-way simply to say I gotta see you today They say love … Read more

Mikky Ekko – Time Lyrics

Well, the streets are empty where we used to run And the cars are all on fire Yeah, we fall like leaves in the garden of Eden, Eden Now remember how it felt being in the sun When I heard the ancient choir And the dead of night like an angel singing, singing Time doesn’t … Read more

Winger – Down Incognito Lyrics

Days undercover All out of sync Haven’t paid the rent Even talking in my sleep My monkey’s M.O. Is all out of commission I’m waiting for a good old-fashioned cure For my condition ‘Cos I’m all out of charm And I’m all out of money Hanging Down Incognito Waiting for the sun to shine Fools … Read more