Zayde Wolf – Billionaires (Remix) Lyrics

Do me a favor Please could you look at me? This life is vapor We’ve got no guarantees I know it’s strange but I’m sick of "carefully" Let’s live for danger Let’s bleed for destiny Remember when I drove that ’92 honda? I was broke It was cool Spent it all on ya We stayed … Read more

Billie Marten – Teeth Lyrics

It’s been a hard time, a long day Our minds they play over and over again And I call myself a friend While you call yourself a stranger We float upon the hills and on the grass Speak words that they will hear but, never understand And I’m writing this in a bad way No … Read more

Mina – Così Così Lyrics

Soli, come solamente noi Così Mai Così così E, così così Che mi va che sia Così Noi soli qui Così Soli, a non stupirci mai di noi Così Mai Così così Ma così Così, oltre i limiti noi Anche nei limiti noi Solo noi Più di così Mentre il resto è così così Soli, … Read more

Sezen Aksu – Git… Lyrics

Madem ki istiyorsun öyleyse durma git Beni düşünme rahat ol yalnız kalabilirim Sende bilirsin hiç bir acı sonsuza dek sürmez Hatta her an yeniden sevebilirim Olmazdı bende biliyorum haklısın haydi git Korkma seninle gerçekten dost olabilirim Aslında bende uzun zamandan beridir sana Ayrılmak istediğimi söylemedim haydi git Git… Git… Gitme dur ne olursun Gitme kal … Read more

KRS-One – MC’s Lyrics

Intro Ladies and gentlemen, get ready here it come Talib Kweli and I’m bangin on your eardrum Ladies and gentlemen, get ready here it come KRS ONE bangin on your eardrum Ladies and gentlemen, get ready here it come Nas bangin on your eardrum Bangin on your eardrum Bangin on your eardrum Chorus KRS-ONE Rappers … Read more

Anuel AA – Dinero, Mujeres & Botellas Lyrics

Aborrecido me Levanto en el lado izquierdo de la cama Voy para el caserío y es que la calle me llama Muchos puercos, quieren verme muerto Y sigo vivo campeando entre los muertos Quieren bajarme el dedo, pero no tienen poder Nos encontramos carra a cara, ahora que van hacer Son diez para el pecho … Read more

Rundgren, Todd – Good Vibrations Lyrics

I love the colorful clothes she wears And the way the sunlight plays upon her hair I hear the sound of a gentle word On the wind that lifts her perfume through the air I’m picking up good vibrations She’s giving me excitations Good bop bop, good vibrations Bop bop, excitations Good, good, good, good … Read more

Pete Yorn – Wear And Tear Lyrics

Pete Yorn: Only you in the world Seems so unfair to take The chance I’m taking And you are going down on me I says to her, "Take a number," No, I cannot lose it all again ‘Till I see ID Well, I sit every night and I wonder what I’m doin’ I sleep everyday … Read more