Nelson, Willie – Heaven Is Closed Lyrics

Heaven is closed and hell’s overcrowded So I think I’ll just stay where I am So many people, well it sure is lonely Who even gives a damn? I hear someone callin’, "Come in from the craziness" But there ain’t nobody around Heaven is closed and hell’s overcrowded So I think I’ll just stay where … Read more

Williams, Zach – Survivor Lyrics

For so long I carried the weight of my past Cripple by burdens like stones on my back I thought I had fallen too far from your grace But you came and showed me the way When I was lost soul searching You were the ground beneath my feet When I was blind man begging … Read more

Ugly God – I’m Tryna Fuck Lyrics

Aye, 3 A.M. bitch I’m motherfucking tired If we on the same page, I might motherfucking slide Don’t give me the wrong message girl, I’m trying see what’s up I don’t mean to burst your bubble bitch but yes I’m tryna fuck Baby girl I’m tryna fuck I’m tryna fuck I’m tryna tap that ass … Read more

Elisa – Se Piovesse Il Tuo Nome Lyrics

Non ci siamo mai dedicati Dedicati le, le canzoni giuste Forse perché di noi non ne parla mai nessuno Non ci siamo mai detti le parole Non ci siamo mai detti le parole giuste Neanche per sbaglio Neanche per sbaglio in silenzio La città è piena di fontante Ma non sparisce mai la sete Sarà … Read more

Holly Miranda – Joints Lyrics

Dreamt of you again last night Called your phone to hear your voice I know I know you know That I’ll never let you go How do I let go? I can feel it in my joints It aches and creaks and There’s no point In growing old Oh this life I’ve made on my … Read more

Wilson, Charlie – Birthday Dress Lyrics

Verse 1: I don’t wanna give you flowers again, it’s something that is typical Wanna give you a gift that you would never forget This is special day so we gotta do something that’s unusual Go on out, don’t hold up Light up the sky, pyro Pre-Chorus: Go head let your hair down Another year … Read more

Amon Amarth – Valhall Awaits Me Lyrics

Blood gushes from the wound The cut is wide and deep And before I turn around He falls to his knees A clear song rings in the blade When steel meets hardened steel. I hear the sound of wood that breaks, A swords cuts through my shield. I drop the shield and grab my axe, … Read more