Soilwork – Distance Lyrics

Can you please remind me where the fuck I’ve been Cause I can’t find it out you see So return me to a vital place From a distant observation Corrosion of emotions Is how you block your state From scratch to revelation It’s all been there, bleeding for someone to dare Extension of deceptions, brings … Read more

Tanya Tucker – Smell The Flowers Lyrics

Yesterday oh how many do you wish you could relive Turn the page and go back oh I wonder what you’d give Looking back does it seem when you’ve planned when you’ve dreamed You forgot the most important thing Smell the flowers while the roses bloom take the time my friend and sing a happy … Read more

Amerie – Dangerous Lyrics

Whatcha doin’ to me? I guess I’m gonna tell you, don’t know if I should I don’t do it everyday, so baby, listen good It’s so hard to admit it but I just wanna get with it You caught my interest, baby, now I’m so willin’ Little too aggressive but it’s kinda fly ‘Cause you … Read more

Slaine – Zip Zero Lyrics

I come from nothing zip zero The bottom where it get so Difficult we tip toe through the stuggle We hustle just to cut that check The upper edge want another respect You feel the neglect Say wh-uh oh Pound and respect Youngsters so stressed Watching them detects Let me hear you say wh-uh oh … Read more

Kurt Vile – I’m An Outlaw Lyrics

Do you got wise blood that come when ? I’m an outlaw on the brink of Self-implosion Alone in a crowd on the corner Going nowhere slow I’m an outlaw on the brink of Self-implosion Alone in a crowd on the corner In my walkman in a snowglobe Going nowhere slow I’m an outlaw by … Read more

Akon – Top Chef Lyrics

Y’all niggas saw me trap cooking, Y’all nigga ain’t cookin’, We cookin over here nigga, Akon Gucci Akon Gucci Chorus: I’m all in the kitchen call me the top chef Servin’ up these yams till there ain’t none left, Y’all niggas cooking babies, I’m cooking straight chickens now who got the gravy, Call me the … Read more

Alyson Stoner – City Of Love Lyrics

So, Phineas, what do you think of the City of Love? I wish it was the City of Airplane Parts. Oh, you’re just too stressed. You should take a moment to relax and enjoy it. We could share a crêpe sucrée at this Parisian café. Hey! That awning could be used as a sail! Or, … Read more

10000 Maniacs – Shining Light Lyrics

Something was pulling me without knowing what was leading me on: your shining light. In my darkest hour the only way to bring the dawn was your shining light. But you’re unaware your shining light is even on. Like with a little glance when you take me by surprise and I take a chance and … Read more

Coheed And Cambria – Toys Lyrics

We can’t dwell on what could’ve been All apologies The road that stretches out is calling us to find our way back home You said it yourself, you said it yourself I know I’m hard to stomach But we need to move and get out of here Before this joint erupts And anywhere we go, … Read more