DJ Sammy – Heaven Lyrics

Baby you’re all that I want When you’re lying here in my arms I’m finding it hard to believe we’re in heaven And love is all that I need And I found it there in your heart It isn’t too hard to see We’re in heaven oh thinking about our younger years there was only … Read more

Chinx Drugz – Hold Up Lyrics

Yay! Nigga what’s the hold up Tell that to bitch hold up Boy! Pussy nigga playin with the paper, hold up Frontin’ on the stash with the grip, hold up Shawty blowing up the phone, told her hold up Nigga get your own brick, what’s the hold up Pussy nigga playin with the paper, hold … Read more

Ortiz, Gerardo – De Parranda Lyrics

Que queme el solecito yo con mi equipo aqui en mi casa aqui estoy en mexicali soy el que quida toda esa plaza me gusta estar coordinado y muy pendiente de los negocios la obra nunca a parado no me detienen los envidiosos ya me costado la vida y mucho dolor para mi familia se … Read more

Peggy Lee – Dear Heart Lyrics

Dear heart, wish you were here to warm this night My dear heart, seems like a year Since you’ve been out of my sight A single room, a table for one It’s a lonesome town all right But soon I’ll kiss you hello at our front door And dear heart I want you to know … Read more

Local H – Leon And The Game Of Skin Lyrics

In all those games you played To bend the world your way It’s over, it’s over Leon, it’s over Another doctored take Another narrative shaped It’s over, it’s over Leon, it’s over It’s over, it’s over Leon, it’s over When the buyers beware The sellars don’t care The sun burns in the tower The unquenchable … Read more

lil aaron – Hot Topic Lyrics

I’m a hot topic, yeah I’m a hot topic, yeah Watch out cause I just might take your bitch to Hot Topic, yeah Hot Topic, yeah Money started coming I ain’t got no plan on stoppin’, nah, stoppin’, nah Yeah, I’m hot, yeah, I’m hot I’m a hot topic, yeah I’m a hot topic, yeah … Read more

IZAL – Tambores De Guerra Lyrics

Que ladren todos los perros, que ladren y tiemble el suelo Que nosotros cabalgamos, que mientras tú ladras, vuelo A dos mil metros de altura ya no escucho bien tus miedos Me tendrás que hablar más alto con el ruido no te entiendo Suenan tambores de guerra, llueven dardos, silban flechas Los que ayer nos … Read more

Earle, Steve – I Can Wait Lyrics

In the blink of an eye Stars’ll fall from the sky No one even notices If you think it’ll help I can walk out myself And we won’t have to go through this If I pretend to hold you tight And out on the highway late some night That’s all right If that’s all that … Read more