Jedi Mind Tricks – Speech Cobras Lyrics

Mr. Lif I’m the fire bearer Holder of the sun The Earth and the universe combined as one An everlasting energy taking all forms Blue skies on sunny days tell the storms The one who tears down what you adorn And curses the material things that you mourn But look up in the sky ’cause … Read more

Brett Dennen – Fig Tree Lyrics

Oh baby won’t you come with me I’ll tell you where I’m going Over the meadow, down by the stream Under the shade of a fig tree So won’t you come along Won’t you come along Well, come with me Underneath the shade The shade of a fig tree And it won’t take long It … Read more

Chris McClarney – Blessed Assurance Lyrics

Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine Oh, what a foretaste of glory divine Heir of salvation, purchase of God Born of His spirit, washed in His blood This is my story, this is my song Praising my Savior all the day long All the day long Perfect submission, perfect delight Versions of rapture now burst on … Read more

Grand, Steve – Safe And Sound Lyrics

I’m but a man, if even that I’ve been tryin’ hard to reconcile with where I’m at But there you are, and here I stand You take me in, you don’t let up And you barely flinch through all the times I said "I’ve had enough" It’s who you are who you are, and I’m … Read more

Quebonafide – ANKH Lyrics

Białas: Choć przez większość czasu się tu czułem nieszczególnie Teraz od liczenia hajsu drętwieją mi łapy Moi ludzie mówią, że najgorzej będzie umrzeć Ja tam cieszę się, że mogę zrobić to bogatym A nie miałem dokąd iść, a nie miałem po co żyć No a teraz kiedy mam kostucha sobie stoi za zasłoną Dlaczego nie … Read more

187 Strassenbande – Sitzheizung Lyrics

Gzuz: Sieben Mille am Arm, Zehner am Hals und ‘ne Neun unterm Gürtel ja! Dreihundertneunzig PS unterm Arsch und ich roll’ durch mein Viertel Keiner ein Ziel oder ein’n Plan, was heute passier’n wird nä! Hamburg, St. Pauli – der Ort, an dem mich der Teufel verführte! oh 2002 – Gunshop, Reeperbahn, Messer gekauft haha … Read more

Flotsam & Jetsam – Falling Lyrics

I am falling feel the pain Clear the sidewalk see the stain I will suffer nevermore I have found an open door I will soon have everything I’ve ever wanted Revenge on my enemies will they be haunted No worries, no feelings, no stress or fear A permanent part of this spot right here The … Read more

Young Scooter – No Handouts Lyrics

Yung Lan on the track Yeah Can’t be walkin’ around with your hand out, nigga Jugg You gotta be a, a go-getter, yeah, go to work, nigga Hundred bands for a kilo, nigga Broke nigga, get your own money Broke bitch Pussy nigga really lookin’ for a handout Yeah Broke bitch, get your own money … Read more