Jam, Nicky – Novia Nueva Lyrics

A lo mejor tú me deseas el mal Me imagino tu cara al sonreír Y si crees que de mí te burlaste Ahora escucha lo que voy a decir Tengo novia nueva, mira qué bien me va Mira qué bien Ella sí sabe lo que me gusta a mí Tengo novia nueva, mira qué bien … Read more

Bizzy Bone – What U See Lyrics

Intro: Bizzy Representing the one forever and ever and ever We come to you from another dream From another time, another station it is only one true God Praise God in the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit Could you tell meeeee Chorus: Bizzy Bone Could you tell me what you … Read more

Sora, Lee – Song Request Lyrics

Romanized: Changbakken tto biga wa Ireol ttaen kkok nega tteoolla Jami oji anha Naebangen i chimmukgwa Sseulsseulhan nae simjang soriga Michil geosman gata So why turn up my radio Eodiseo moksoriga deullyeoogo And on the radio Seulpeun geu sayeoni neomu nae yaegi gataseo Hey DJ play me a song To make me smile Maeumi uljeokhan … Read more

Winds Of Plague – Unbreakable Lyrics

The beatings will continue until morale improves. We fought them again and again, beating back the inevitable, the sun was torn from the sky. Welcome to the city touched by hell. We are unbreakable. We come for the throne. You can only wander the streets for so long before they run you. You say you’re … Read more

Gaye, Marvin – So In Love Lyrics

Strange dear But true dear When I’m close to you dear The stars fill the sky So in love with you am I Yes, I am Even without you My arms fold about you You know, darling, why So in love with you am I In love with the night Mysterious, yeah baby When you … Read more

Donny Hathaway – A Dream Lyrics

I remember the first time I saw you It was in some type of golden place And as I became afraid You said it need not be the case Then you took me in your arms To try to show your loving charms And you never laughed at me As we began to love each … Read more

ELMAN – Мой Океан Lyrics

Хоу-о-о-о, о-о-о Ты самый неизведанный мой путь И в темноте самый загадочный Упустив тебя из виду, потерял маршрут И об рифы, об скалы сразу же Пытались строить планы, обманув судьбу, но зря Ей удалось нас одурачить, когда не ждали Ей удалось нам доказать, всё лишь иллюзия О-о-о Теперь ищу тебя догадками и адресами Но невозможно … Read more

KAYTRANADA – Leave Me Alone Lyrics

Can’t deny or lie Boy you blew my mind But I’m tired of my hearth being broken And my love being taken for granted I gave you all I had So crazy How you wasted my time How you reached that borderline Leave me alone, go away leave me alone Leave me alone, go away … Read more