Mase, Yoe – Prove Me Wrong Lyrics

We’re going out We’re going out with a boom You told me "Honey, I don’t got any money to use" I said "Listen, I got no deadlines for me" I swear I’m gonna make it as long as I keep taking the heat Did I ever really matter to you? You’re the best, but not … Read more

Jack’s Mannequin – Last Straw Lyrics

I heard that you went out last night And you looked beautiful just like a bat Beneath the moonlight I stayed home took a Vicodin… Sometimes it’s all that I can do When I think about the president How did he become the president? And I stayed awake for a day or two I thought … Read more

Priscilla Renea – 22 Lyrics

Verse 1: When I’m 22 I’ll be one year older than 21 and all my problems will have just begun like you said they should But I’m 20 now Been in love with you forever how Maybe you might marry me when I’m 23 or 24 or one year more you would Bridge: I’ll lay … Read more

Kash Doll – Intro Lyrics

Look, I be exploring the foreign With more power than stars On my new new shit, like my name is Rashaad And my punchlines seasoned plenty minds Like it’s time So, if he ever tell you he ain’t feeling me He lying! Shout out to me, all on BET I’m a very rich chick, on … Read more

Bryan Adams – So Far, So Good Lyrics

We’re heading out to where the sun goes down Watch these wheels go around Ain’t looking back, we’ve done the best way we could We’ve come a long, long way It’s so far so good Their ain’t a river that can’t be rode Ain’t no cowboy that can’t be thrown Pick some lessons, yeah, we … Read more

Evans, Sara – Born To Fly Lyrics

I’ve been tellin’ my dreams to the scarecrow ‘Bout the places that I’d like to see I said, friend do you think I’ll ever get there Ah, but he just stands there smilin’ back at me So I confessed my sins to the preacher About the love I’ve been prayin’ to find Is there a … Read more

Foreigner – Safe In My Heart Lyrics

In this world, life can be hard on a sensitive girl Who do you turn to, when you really need someone Don’t give in, hold on, and in time The day will come, and you will know That your life has only just begun And you will feel love, you’ll feel the earth meet the … Read more

Springfield, Rick – Red Hot & Blue Love Lyrics

When we talk it’s a thriller, baby It’s like walking on a tightrope line When we spark it’s electric, baby Like the crackle from a neon sign What you doin’, baby, come on over tonight yeah, yeah, yeah We’ll have the joint jumpin’ We’ll be doin’, doin’, doin, alright Red Hot & Blue Love hot … Read more

Rae Sremmurd – By Chance Lyrics

Intro: World fucking premiere Chorus – Swae Lee: Bad bitch with a tan Do you know one by chance? Hundred bands in the Lamb Do you have one by chance? Need to see the Xan man Do you know him by chance? A Ziploc full of kush Are you plugged in, by chance? Bad bitch … Read more

One Chance – Get On Top Lyrics

Plies: Talking Ay What’s Happenin’ Baby This ya Lil Woo Plies man and One Chance Just was sitting down with the big homies having a big boy conversation dog They was telling me how they just had a nice Chi-town shawty on top But I was just telling them about my story, But the lil … Read more