RZA – Wu-Wear: The Garment Renaissance Lyrics

Intro: Method Man Ain’t what you want baby It’s what you need baby Ain’t what you want baby It’s what you neeeeeeeed Verse One: RZA Yo diamond crystal rings sharp like icicles nickel plated pistols, official Wu-Wear covers my physical Insulated thermal while others drain they co four butt solos Photographic photo type static great … Read more

Working Title, The – Followed Lyrics

maybe i was walking alone maybe there was nobody else but i felt followed and not on my own so i was moving faster again feeling like an expendable role in some old movie about to be taken out but i found my courage on the wet grass and we came home put bottles in … Read more

Mikky Ekko – Secret To Sell Lyrics

To hold hands We’re so excited but so hot He took her finger moving slow In a room where no light happens So a candlelight cuts Waiting on food from another Wax under her favorite dress Yes, we already made a mess I’ve got a secret to sell And it’s breaking your heart And I’m … Read more

Alkpote – Plus Pure Lyrics

Pupupute, pute pupupupute Pute pupupupute, mégapute Pupupupute, super pute J’arrive lourd de ouf Comme une odeur de fouffe J’suis à la hauteur j’te le prouve Depuis la cover de Groove J’m’en branle des Oscars ou des Grammys Awards Mets mon son dans ton Merco’s ou dans ton Clio trois Quoi de neuf petite lope-sa Tu … Read more

Bob Dylan – Scarlet Town Lyrics

In Scarlet Town, where I was born There’s ivy leaf and silver thorn The streets have names that you can’t pronounce Gold is down to a quarter of an ounce The music starts and the people sway Everybody says, "Are you going my way? " Uncle Tom still workin’ for Uncle Bill Scarlet Town is … Read more

Al Green – The Old Rugged Cross Lyrics

On a hill far away stood an old rugged cross, The emblem of suffering and shame; And I love that old cross where the dearest and best For a world of lost sinners was slain. So I’ll cherish the old rugged cross, Till my trophies at last I lay down; I will cling to the … Read more

Baltimore, Charli – Lose It Lyrics

Uh huh, yeah, yeah Uh huh, yeah, Storch Uh, uh huh, yeah Boo yah, you hit the lotto ‘Cause Chuck had a bottle And I’m feelin’ tight woozy Feelin’ like Jacuzzi Soak and you smokin’ Cali Kush and chokin’ My pink nipples pokin’ You ready to stroke it? Jokin’, ain’t sweet to bag it Resume … Read more

Nash, Graham – Grave Concern Lyrics

Grave concern is rolling over the hill, see them grinding through the mill houses falling and they’re falling still lightning striking – take cover! All fall down all fall down all fall down all fall down Distant thunder rolling over the hill, watch the weather take a turn. Shake the trees and let the leaves … Read more

Curtis Mayfield – Jesus Lyrics

Maybe the words I say is just another way to pray I don’t know Don’t think that I’m any saint ’cause I can’t do nothin’ for you I only asked of you just as I got to do myself Look into your inner self only you know how to be free If you wanna grin … Read more